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Do you spend more time getting organized than getting things done?



“GTD® is a methodology specifically created for professionals in the XXI century. From simple habits, it allows you to stop worrying about your stuff and focus on really getting them done. Calmly, focused, without stress. That is why it is the new standard in personal productivity.

FacileThings is a small, bootstrapped company, created in the United Kingdom and now established in Spain. Our mission is to help people organize effectively and live less stressed, so they can focus on the important things and enjoy their lives more.”

FRANCISCO SÁEZ Founder & CEO of FacileThings

GTD® works. Take advantage of it!

The GTD® methodology allows you to manage your personal and professional life in an effective way, so that things get done easily. It is a method that just works, and FacileThings helps you implement GTD® in an intuitive way, even if it is new to you.

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