Stress-free productivity does exist

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Productivity and GTD

Team creativity

Team Exercises That Spur Creativity

No matter what business you’re in, creativity is important. It’s about more than just having fresh, innovative ideas. It’s about being able to solve problems effectively, come up with unique solutions, and be one step ahead of the competition in terms of everything from marketing to design. Creativity is a natural desire. It’s not enough for most people to just be “efficient” with their work. They want something more, which is exactly where creativity comes in.


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New mobile app: FacileThings 3

We have just launched the new version 3 of the FacileThings mobile app. It is an application that you must look for in the Apple Store (iOS) or in the Play Store (Android) and download again since, being a completely new app, your device will not notify you that there has been a change of version.

Productivity and GTD

Bad productivity habits

Break These 8 Bad Habits to Boost Your Productivity

Are you continually chasing deadlines? Are you always behind schedule on everything? Do you also “accidentally” spend an hour on social media and get no work done? We’ve all been there. The stress and work pressure can get to the best of us. You have your dream job, earn a handsome amount and still feel demotivated. Bad habits are stealthy, sneaking into your daily routine when you least expect it. They hog on your time, affect your creativity and can even lead to burnout. Don’t let procrastination become a personality trait. Break these eight bad habits to boost your productivity.

Productivity and GTD

Decision fatigue

5 Ways You're Killing Your Productivity and How to Revive It

It’s Friday afternoon, you’re dying to hit happy hour — but the client presentation for Monday lies incomplete on your desk. Once again, the day got away from you. Now you’re stuck with guilt when it’s time to clock out. Why can’t you get it all done?

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