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Business Productivity

How Burnout Is Impacting Your Sales Strategy

There are many facets that go into a successful sales strategy, and the most important aspect is the ability of a salesperson to think on their feet. You need to be quick, so you can tell a customer why this product is best for them and overcome any objections if the client hesitates. As a sales professional, you may already have all of the answers and feel like you can sell anything. However, if you work too hard and don’t have the proper resources, then you could start to experience burnout.

Getting Things Done - GTD

GTD 101: Engage

The last stage of the GTD workflow is probably the most misunderstood, perhaps because of its name. In the current version of the Getting Things Done book in English it is called “engage”, although at the beginning it was simply called “do”.

Getting Things Done - GTD

Reduce the Number of Decisions

Decision making has a direct impact on your effectiveness. From the simplest to the most far-reaching decisions, every choice you make influences the direction your life takes. Effective decision making requires careful evaluation of options, consideration of short- and long-term consequences, and a willingness to take responsibility for our choices. This process requires significant mental effort, which in turn consumes much of our willpower.

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