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What is the Weekly Review in GTD?

Weekly Review

This is the main process linked to the Reflect stage, and it involves in in-depth review of all your lists. The aim is to get a clean, clear, current and complete system, so you can firmly rely on it.

The Weekly Review allows you to:

  1. Gain clarity: Empty all of your inboxes.
  2. Get up to date: Review your lists, eliminating what is already done or no longer needed, and adding missing information. It includes:
    • Reviewing your past calendar (since your last weekly review) for anything that still needs to be done with tasks that have been completed.
    • Reviewing your future calendar (4 to 5 weeks ahead) to avoid surprises with short reaction time.
    • Reviewing your Next Actions and Agendas.
    • Actively reviewing your Waiting For list, asking for what you need or adding reminders to act on later.
    • Reviewing your Project List, to reactivate projects without defined next actions and revisit your support material.
  3. Get creative: Now that you have a complete and up-to-date system, you are at a point where you have a high degree of perspective that you can use creatively. Re-evaluate the contents of the Someday/Maybe list and think about what new projects you can undertake.

Do not skip this step if you want to implement GTD successfully. If you can’t do a complete review, do part of it. Any kind of review is better than none.

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Has it been useful?

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