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6 months to learn how to manage yourself (*),
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GTD® Starter

After 6 months you will have learned how to effectively manage your personal and professional life for a total price of $33.60, and you will be able to use this method with any tool, even with pencil and paper.

6 month subscription / $33.60

Plus a one-month free trial


How much does a GTD® course cost?+

An official introductory course to the GTD® methodology costs between $800 and $1200, depending on where it takes place. An unofficial course costs about half of it.

This offer doesn't replace any course, but it will allow you to acquire the necessary knowledge to start your personal management system and practice enough to be able to integrate it into your life, with a minimum cost.

What am I going to learn?+

You will learn to apply the 5 stages of the GTD® workflow. Knowing and mastering the best personal productivity practices will allow you to:

  • Be well organized
  • Focus on what is most important at all times
  • Have more time for yourself
  • Reduce stress and the feeling of always being busy
  • Be more efficient in your work

What happens when the subscription ends?+

After the 6-month period (plus a one-month free trial) you can cancel the subscription with a single click if you prefer to manage your stuff with another tool you like better. You can also continue using FacileThings if it gives you the result you want.

And if I have more questions?+

In addition to the ebook that we provide to learn the basics of the method, FacileThings shows multiple support texts within the app itself and offers tutorials with specific information for each section. You can also ask us any questions you may have through the Support feature. You will receive and answer within 24 hours.

6 months / $33.60