Survey: How do we prioritize the next new features in FacileThings?

AUTHOR: Francisco Sáez
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A few days ago we sent a survey to all our users to be told which of the improvements we are going to develop are more interesting for them. This way, we will adjust the priorities of our roadmap.

We showed them the top 13 most requested features and asked them to pick the 3 choices they consider more important. These are the proposed features and the percentage of users who have voted each one:

1 Mobile App 1.1 for Android / iPhone. The design and usability will be improved and we will add new features as the ability to process your stuff, edit your items and filter you Next Actions by context/tag. 48.9%
2 Checklists. They are a powerful GTD tool that help you automate repetitive tasks, by setting a sequence of actions steps to carry them out. 38.1%
3 Tool to help you do the Weekly Review. Step by step. 36.7%
4 Allow to attach notes to any item. It will be an unlimited text field to add extra information to any action/event. And it will allow you to import the text of the emails sent to FacileThings and the content of the notes collected in Evernote. 28.8%
5 Having a view weekly and monthly view of the Calendar. 25.2%
6 Dropbox integration. You will be able to associate a Dropbox folder to a project, so that all files in that folder will be treated as Reference Material for supporting the project. 24.5%
7 Ability to work on the web when there is no internet connection. You will be able to work temporarily offline. Once the connection is restored, changes will get synchronized. 22.3%
8 Having specific contexts. Currently contexts are defined by tags. This is about to separate these two concepts so you can organize your stuff knowing clearly what is a context and what is a tag. 18.0%
9 Project Templates. They will allow you to immediately generate new projects that are usually repeated or are similar to others. 16.5%
10 Allow to attach files to any item. In addition to the Reference Material, you will be allowed to attach files related to a single task. This will also allow you to import the email attachments sent to FacileThings. 15.8%
11 Adapt the web application for using in tablets. The website will detect that you are accessing from a tablet and will adapt the design, font sizes, buttons, etc. for a better experience. 15.1%
12 Encrypted access to the web application. It means more security for you. All your interactions with FacileThings will be done through an encrypted data protocol (https). 6.5%
13 Improving and redesigning the People section. You will be able to review your shared tasks filtered by collaborator, share Calendar events and share Reference Material in a project. 4.3%

No surprise with the first position. We know we have to improve the mobile applications and we are already working on it.

The second and third positions have been a pleasant surprise: Checklists and an assistant to help users do the Weekly Review. This indicates that our users are more concerned with the method than with the technology. They are, or are learning to be, true GTDers. We will focus in these options just after release the version 1.1 of the Android/iPhone apps.

Furthermore, the features in the 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th positions have a little difference of votes between them, and all are important. They will be the third package of improvements.

In a few months we will recap and ask you again. Many thanks for your help! :)

Francisco Sáez

Francisco is the founder and CEO of FacileThings. He is also a Software Engineer who is passionate about personal productivity and the GTD philosophy as a means to a better life.

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