The aim of FacileThings is to help you confidently decide what to do and what not to do at all times, so that you can effectively progress towards your goals and feel positively engaged with your world.

Give meaning to your life

Unfortunately, it is common to have periods of our lives in which we feel that we are not doing what we should, or that what we are doing does not get us where we want, or that we do too many things that do not really interest us.

Being organized will not help if you are not doing what is important to you. Defining your Levels of Perspective properly will allow you to give actual meaning to your daily activities.

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Choose the right action

In addition to your intuition, the following criteria lets you choose what action you should take at any time:

  • Context: Depending on where you are and the tools you have at hand, you will be able to choose some actions over others.
  • Available time: The time that you can use right now also limits the actions you can take.
  • Available energy: Your energy level also determines what you can do and what you should leave for another time.
  • Relative priority: Once you have used the above criteria to filter the actions that can be performed, which of those actions will produce a greater value at this time?

Check off the done tasks

Finishing the tasks that you captured and organized according to the commitments that you have accepted in your world produces a great feeling. You realize that you are progressing, that you have everything under control, and that you will positively engage with everything that is still to come.

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