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10 Ways to Make Your Summer Break Productive

AUTHOR: Rachel Eleza
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10 Ways to Make Your Summer Break Productive

Many people perceive the summer period as a time to wind down and enjoy the holiday. It is common to find people indulging themselves in activities that they find pleasurable. But most of the time, these pastimes are time-consuming at best and unproductive at worst. It is possible to enjoy your summer holiday and be productive. Many indulgements are productive and inclined towards personal development that you can get involved in during the summer. This article mentions ten options you can exploit on your next summer holiday.

  1. Get a summer job: A summer job will help you develop a healthy work ethic and more experience in a specific field. You can gain new skills as you work in new terrain and learn more about yourself. You will meet new people, understand them, and boost your ability to work with a team. Another benefit of getting a summer job is that you will earn money that you can use to tick some items off your bucket list. A summer job will also help you build your self-esteem and confidence.
  2. Start something new and exciting: What’s that one thing you’ve always wanted to get your hands dirty with, but you’ve not had the time to get started? Is it a YouTube channel? A blog? A new business? You can use the summer period to learn the ropes and turn your wish into a reality. Start your research. Watch videos. Read articles and documentation. Reach out to people who can be of help, and you will enjoy your summer better than ever. Your new interest will likely be digital, and you need access to specific tech tools and plenty of data because most of your actions will be online. You can get most of these tools for free on Google Playstore or Apple Store. You can also find affordable sim-only deals to care for your data needs.
  3. Get an Internship: Scour the internet for companies in your area of interest that you’ll love to work with and apply for internships with them. The value of an internship cannot be overemphasized. Whether paid or unpaid, the skills, training, and experience you garner from this position will always be worth it. As the internship keeps you busy during the summer, it will also equip you for the future.
  4. Explore the outdoors: There is hardly any time to explore the outdoors when you have a busy school schedule. Summer is the time to attend camps and see nature or get a tan. Outdoor is reputed to keep you upbeat and minimize depression in adults and young adults. From fishing, hiking, swimming, or riding a bike, there are enough activities to keep you productive. This can be the perfect time to try and practice some tips to relax your mind and increase your productivity.
  5. Travel: Visiting a new place is new and exciting and exactly what you need if you love adventure. You can use this time to explore new cities and visit their colleges to see if it is a good fit for you. Visiting new places to check out their food and culture will help you create beautiful memories and will be life-changing for the all-time traveler.
  6. Look for new hobbies: Pursue new hobbies. Find out what makes you creative and gets your blood jumping in your veins. You can learn a new language, musical instrument, or anything else. You can also spend time on a farm learning about planting and rearing animals. Summer is the time to find new pursuits that you may love, and your options are infinite.
  7. Get a mentor: Successful people have mentors. If you have an idea of what you want to do with your life, you can spend the summer working out a plan with your mentor. There is no better way to learn than learn from the mistakes of people that precede you.
  8. Volunteer at a charity: Many non-profits could use your help during the summer. Volunteer at an old people’s home. Have a training workshop at an orphanage and help teach technology skills that can be useful. Getting a habit of giving back to society at a young age is one of the best habits that you can build for yourself—Pat yourself on the back for making the world a better place for someone else.
  9. Update your resume: Spend time working on your resume. If you have never worked, it is an excellent time to put your skills together and start looking for what you can do with your current skills. Document projects you have worked on, and talk about your outstanding skills and the initiatives or drives you have created as solutions for organizations or people. Focus on community-building initiatives and your contribution.
  10. Pass on knowledge: Any knowledge on technology and its use in solving problems are valuable. Teach on it. Build your community by training the less privileged on MS word, PDF, Canva for design, etc. Teach soft skills like negotiation, team building, and human capital development. Be proactive in helping develop others.

This list provides valuable options to explore if you are looking for ways to be productive during summer. You will need internet access to get started on most of these engagements so you can start by finding sim-only deals that will help you fulfill your wish and stay in contact with your loved ones. Be productive and have fun while you’re at it.

Rachel Eleza

Rachel is a marketing director at Upsuite and a writer for different websites. She loves reading and travelling. She is an ambitious woman and a hard-worker. When she’s not writing, she’s usually baking up a storm or trying to find new ways to get inspired.

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