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Getting Things Done - GTD

Jumping to conclusions

Jumping to Conclusions

Jumping to conclusions is a cognitive distortion that occurs when we make a decision, or we judge something without having all the facts that are necessary. It is something extremely common, and you might just find yourself doing it on a daily basis. It happens because we aren’t capable of actually distinguishing what we see from what we are taking for granted.

Getting Things Done - GTD


Commit to Make Decisions

Making decisions without having a real commitment with them is one of people’s main causes of frustration. It’s something that many people do regularly, and one of the most clear examples is when dealing with the famous New Year’s resolutions.

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The Dangerous Groupthink

Have you ever seen on Twitter or Facebook a comment that you would like to discuss, but you have not done so because there are a lot of people supporting it with retweets and likes?

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