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The Weekly Review, Updated and Improved!

No matter how good your intentions are, sooner or later your personal organization system is going to be outdated, even a little, even for a while. Things are going to come faster than you can digest, and you will have the feeling that you are losing control. Your system will no longer accurately reflect your reality and stress will return.

Getting Things Done - GTD

Falling off the horse

Have you fallen off the wagon?

Have you tried to implement Getting Things Done in your life and you don’t manage to do it in a consistent way? Have you had some crazy months, full of urgent things, and have you been slowly leaving your personal organization aside? No matter how hard you try, after a period of control, do you always end up overwhelmed and everything goes back to the original chaos?

Getting Things Done - GTD

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The Someday/Maybe list, under control

I am afraid the Someday/Maybe list is doomed to become a bottomless pit where we accumulate our creativity and pending projects. All the stuff that we cannot process right now, are immediately set as something that we will do someday, so this list becomes a huge queue of wishes. It is for this reason that the Someday/Maybe list cannot be treated as a manageable foreground list, like Next Actions, but we should work to structure it so as not to lose confidence on it and avoid turning it into a storeroom for our activity.

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