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Getting Things Done - GTD

Daily plan

Do You Have a Daily Action Plan?

The alarm goes off. A long day ahead to enjoy, but also a million things to do. You feel relaxed or worried about all the things you still need to do?


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FacileThings: New GTD Dashboard!

Developing the new Dashboard has taken us longer than we had anticipated because we have been very concerned about taking care of all the details related to the usability of this tool, but I think the result has been worth it. Well, a picture is worth a thousand words:

Getting Things Done - GTD

What is the next step

The Importance of Next Actions

In GTD we name those things we have captured and are still not processed as “stuff”. And we do it on purpose, to denote their abstract nature, since we haven’t yet paused to think what they really are—although we may have a preconceived idea. Then, when you are processing or clarifying your stuff, the key question is “Is there any action required?”

Getting Things Done - GTD


To Be Productive, Trust Your Intuition

At any specific moment throughout the day, how do you decide what are you going to do next? It could be that you are still used to defining your priorities by assigning a number to each of your pending tasks so that later on you can choose the one with the highest number (even though that number was assigned 20 days ago, when the situation was completely different to the actual one). Working with these type of priorities, though usual, it’s a very poor self-management strategy.

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