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Getting Things Done - GTD

The Importance of Next Actions

In GTD we name those things we have captured and are still not processed as “stuff”. And we do it on purpose, to denote their abstract nature, since we haven’t yet paused to think what they really are—although we may have a preconceived idea. Then, when you are processing or clarifying your stuff, the key question is “Is there any action required?”

Getting Things Done - GTD

To Be Productive, Trust Your Intuition

At any specific moment throughout the day, how do you decide what are you going to do next? It could be that you are still used to defining your priorities by assigning a number to each of your pending tasks so that later on you can choose the one with the highest number (even though that number was assigned 20 days ago, when the situation was completely different to the actual one). Working with these type of priorities, though usual, it’s a very poor self-management strategy.

Getting Things Done - GTD

Act More, Plan Less

The traditional way of approaching new projects in companies has always been performing a comprehensive planning of all stages which will form the project. This is done in such way since many times you have to develop a budget that someone else has to define as acceptable; otherwise there’s no project. It’s also important to be clear about all the resources that are going to be needed in order to reach the goal.

Getting Things Done - GTD

8 Tips to Deal with Uncertainty

How all the things have changed in the last 20 years! We live in a society in which over 500 million daily tweets are published, more than 300 million uploaded photos to Facebook every day and over 300 hours of video to YouTube every minute. There is a lot of new information, and it comes to us very quickly.

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