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Personal Productivity

What Walking Has to Do with Your Personal Productivity

Stoics recommended walking as a form of mental training to connect with the unconscious. Buddhists recommend walking for a higher, happier and healthier life. Many of the most brilliant minds throughout history found the ideas for which they are known in their walks.

Personal Productivity

The Link Between Personal Wellness and Productivity at Work

Zombies, the fictional undead that wander in search of nutrition and purpose may not be so far off from reality and may as well be depicting a specie we recognize close to us. If you were to look around and observe the actions of an everyday man during his work routine you will be surprised to recognize zombie-like traits in him. Sleep-deprived, over-caffeinated, stressed and restlessly bobbling from one task to another to get through the day without a sense of purpose or well-being is the general description of your modern-day man. Time to reflect or even simply spare a thought on emotions appears to be a luxury since the pressure of the daily mundane routine seems to over-weigh all notions of self-analysis or self-evaluation. The lack of any genuine feeling and an aimless struggle to acquire unachievable goals that substantiate the idea of achievement and satisfaction makes for a rather hollow life and leads to absence of wellness.

Personal Productivity

Are You Addicted To Your Stress?

Have you ever had one of those days where you’re super busy and you just don’t get a chance to relax? You look at the clock, realize the day is over and discover you never even took your lunch?

Personal Productivity

Resting Properly, Key to Your Productivity

In order to be productive throughout the day it’s not enough to have a personal organization system functioning perfectly. You need to have the capacity to paying attention so you can properly focus on every task and, on top of that, the energy to face them. If you’re not capable of managing these parameters it could take you two hours to do something that normally would take you one hour. Your efficiency may be dramatically reduced.

Personal Productivity

No More Deadlines!

“I need it yesterday!” Did you ever have to hear that? Personally, I like to imagine people who say such things wrapped in plastic and lying on Dexter Morgan’s table.

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