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Personal Productivity

How to fight interruptions

Today, our productivity is always threatened by the existence of constant interruptions that we cannot control. An interruption is anything that prevents you from starting and ending an important task. It is hard to do the important things and ignore the trivial when the universe is conspiring against you.

Personal Productivity

Being a Professional Doesn't Mean Working More

The term workaholic is used to define people who are addicted to work. In the best case, this problem comes from having a strong motivation for what you are doing, but far more often it comes as a result of poor organization which, over time, has led you to spend unnecessary hours at work in order to achieve the results you need. Instead of refining the way you work to become more efficient, you have decided to use brute force.

Personal Productivity

How to Stop Feeling Overwhelmingly Busy

Are you always busy? Do you often feel overwhelmed by all the things you have to do? If you have entered a cycle where you don’t even have time to think, you can be sure that while you are doing many things, most of them will not make any real difference in your sense of being overwhelmed. Sometimes being busy is just a form of lazy thinking and ineffective action.

Personal Productivity

How to use your energy productively

You have managed to set up and assimilate a personal productivity system that works for you. Congratulations, that is not easy. Despite it, you are aware that, in many cases, you are not performing well. You are realizing that, in order to perform certain tasks, you need much more time than you had planned.

Personal Productivity

Slow down to be productive

Have you ever reached the point where, despite feeling like going for a walk (or any other banal activity), you do not do it because you think it will be a waste of time? I certainly have been there.

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