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Personal Productivity

4 changes that have increased my productivity

It is so easy to get used to the daily routines and the usual way in which we do our things. Doing things “as always” allows us to feel comfortable because—right or wrong—we control our own little world.

Personal Productivity

The Pomodoro Technique, in detail

Some time ago I started using the Pomodoro Technique routinely to perform tasks that require a certain amount of time and focus (mainly programming and writing, in my case). I found it really useful, so I wrote an article in which I told you the basics of this technique and my very first impressions.

Personal Productivity

Should you use productivity formal methods?

GTD, Autofocus, ZTD, Pomodoro technique, Personal Kanban… Personal productivity has always been surrounded by different formal methods intended to systematize our behavior to make it less erratic and allow us to better focus on what we have to do. From time to time there is a new method — or a variation of an existing one — supported by a handful of evangelists, which enjoys a period of relative popularity… until it is replaced by the next.

Personal Productivity

Learn to track your time

Do you feel you are not being productive? Does your time go by and you don’t know exactly why? Whatever personal productivity system you are using—and even if you’re not using one at all—the most simple and direct method to increase your productivity is to write down the time you spend getting different things done throughout your day.

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