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Personal Productivity

How to Stop Feeling Overwhelmingly Busy

Are you always busy? Do you often feel overwhelmed by all the things you have to do? If you have entered a cycle where you don’t even have time to think, you can be sure that while you are doing many things, most of them will not make any real difference in your sense of being overwhelmed. Sometimes being busy is just a form of lazy thinking and ineffective action.

Personal Productivity

8 Ways to Make Time

Productivity is not about trying to get more done every day and filling every second of your time with something so you feel busy. Being busy may make you look like a good employee, but that is a false type of productivity.

Personal Productivity

Trying the Pomodoro technique

I know the Pomodoro technique long time ago, but I have always been rather reluctant to use it. After seeing how widespread is this technique in the world of programming and how it is recommended by some well-known developers, I think I was just having too many prejudices. In any case, trying it for a few days would not hurt me. If it did not work for me, I would not use it anymore.

Personal Productivity

Productivity vs Activity

Are you being productive or just active? They’re not the same thing, but we often use—unconsciously—the concept of activity to deceive ourselves (or consciously, to fool our boss). Sometimes we need to feel busy to not have to do other important tasks that make us uncomfortable for any reason. “I keep doing things all day. So cool!”. No doubt you’re working hard; you show dedication, but dedication sometimes masks a meaningless work. Are you inventing things to avoid doing what’s important? Think carefully about it and be honest with yourself.

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