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Personal Productivity

On the subject of resolutions

As we approach the end of each year, many people make the usual review of what they have achieved, find out whether they feel good or not about it, and articulate a good set of resolutions for the new year.

Personal Productivity

Self-management Fundamentals

Self-management is a key skill needed in all facets of life. Many students earn low grades or drop out, not because they are unable to assimilate lessons, but because they get overwhelmed by the workload. Often, employees who promote in a company are not the most intelligent or educated, but the most resolutive, that is, those who are able to cope with a heavy workload and get things done. And, although many of us are not aware of this, lack of personal organization can even ruin our financial situation and our relationships.

Personal Productivity

Thinking, feeling and doing

In my life I have known a few people that have amazed me due to their intelligence, knowledge or skills… and also due to doing absolutely nothing with all these virtues. Surely you know someone like them as well. I’ve always wondered what was wrong. It seems to be a problem of intentionality, or rather, lack of intentionality. But first things first.

Personal Productivity

Set your goals

In 1953 a group of students from Yale University was surveyed about many questions, included the following: Have you set goals? Have you written them down? Do you have a plan to accomplish them? 84% of the students had no defined goal, 13% had set goals but had not written them down, and 3% had written their goals down and also had a plan of action.

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