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Getting Things Done - GTD

Why a To-Do List Is Not Enough

Today, the to-do list is probably the simplest and most used tool by those who try to put some order in their daily activity. Basically, it is just a list of things to do, usually on the same day or in a short period of time, that is somehow ordered by priorities.

Getting Things Done - GTD

Managing the “Someday Maybes” with GTD

In a personal productivity system a la GTD, the most important category of elements that don’t require any action is probably the one constituted by those things you don’t have the intention of working on for now but you would like to reconsider in the future.


Deadlines and Expected Dates

Before introducing a novelty that you can use in FacileThings from today on—the ability to assign expected dates to actions—, let me clarify some basic GTD concepts so you can make the best use of this new functionality.


Improving Lists Management

Today we have updated the app with some improvements, most of them aimed at more efficient management of your GTD lists. Let’s see them.

Getting Things Done - GTD

The GTD Organizing Categories

Many people think that since a considerable amount of their tasks are trivial and easy (phone calls, sending emails, attending meetings, etc.) they just need a “simple” way of getting organized. This perception is simply wrong.

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