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Blog changelog

Changelog (July 2020)

In the last weeks we have been working on improving the application performance, adding some functional improvements, and solving small errors or friction points that you have reported to us.


Nav post

New GTD Navigation and List Management

We have just published a major update of the web application that, in addition to advancing with the general redesign of the application, includes changes that affect the navigation between options, the management of the lists and the way you edit tasks. This is going to be long, so let’s cut to the chase!

Getting Things Done - GTD

Using lists

Being Organized Is All about Lists

While some people believe that GTD is a personal management system somewhat complicated to implement, the truth is that it’s extremely simple. Technically, it’s just about managing lists, and that’s something that is available to all of us. Lists let you capture an inventory of all your activities and review it when necessary.

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