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New Project Management: Subprojects and Much More!

We have just released the new Projects section. Besides integrating the new design that we had introduced with the Dashboard and that we will be incorporating gradually in the sections left, we have changed all internal programming to improve significantly performance and execution speed. We have also added tons of improvements. But let’s go step by step.

Getting Things Done - GTD

When to Quit a Project

Quitting a project is very frowned upon. Quitting, in general, is frowned upon — unless what you’re quitting is a bad habit, like alcohol, tobacco or drugs. Quitting is for cowards and losers. Quitting is failing. It is sin.

Getting Things Done - GTD

Project Management with GTD

Project management is a very easy and powerful component of GTD. However, it’s a bit confusing and it is sometimes used incorrectly. People used to using simple to-do lists don’t really know how to define and manage their projects, and those who have experience in project management in the business world try to use the same approach that is already familiar.

Getting Things Done - GTD

Act More, Plan Less

The traditional way of approaching new projects in companies has always been performing a comprehensive planning of all stages which will form the project. This is done in such way since many times you have to develop a budget that someone else has to define as acceptable; otherwise there’s no project. It’s also important to be clear about all the resources that are going to be needed in order to reach the goal.

Getting Things Done - GTD

The Planning Fallacy and GTD

Are you one of those people who estimate the time that it will take to complete each task, in order to know how many things you will get done at the end of the day, week or month? If so, how often do you check off all the tasks in your to-do list, at the end of the period? If you’re like almost people, the answer is “rarely”.

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